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Restricted Area NPC #6 at RPGDot

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Restricted Area NPC #6 at RPGDot

Preview - posted by Spazmo on Sat 29 May 2004, 14:45:27

Tags: Master Creating; Restricted Area

Just like every Friday, RPGDot have posted a feature on the NPCs of the cyberpunk action RPG Restricted Area.

The homeless guy... oh, you mean Arthur? Well, what's to say about him? He's a fuckin' down-and-out, man! Hangs around the dustbins all day long begging for money to booze his brain out, not to mention the other shit he's on. But sometimes... sometimes he has really useful info, enough to make you wonder where he's getting it from.

He's not alone, either. Only a few straightedges above 50 have a decent job -- and most of the others are too burnt out to become a Freelancer, especially once they're that old. But Arthur, heh, he'll probably die before he even stands up again. Some day you'll be walking along this street and he'll be flatlined -- just pray you won't be the one to find him.

Find him? Hell, if the game is designed properly, I'll be the one to tear the skin off his frail hobo bones.

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