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IC Games guesses that Beyond Divinity is good

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IC Games guesses that Beyond Divinity is good

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Mon 31 May 2004, 14:22:05

Tags: Beyond Divinity; Larian Studios

IC Games strikes again. This time the game in question is Beyond Divinity. It looks like IC Games figured that playing games they review is not mandatory and that a <a href=http://ic-games.co.uk/index.php?location=1&&articleid=1738>somewhat educated guess[/url] will do fine. Their random score generator produced 84%

At the start you are able to choose the type of character you (the hero) have, whether it be a warrior, mage or a survivalist (whatever that is), as well as assigning skill points to your character and the Death Knight. Since your hero isn’t going to be armed with anything to start with (with him starting in a dungeon cell that’s not too surprising) you will have to think about early movement and attacks. The further you get in the game the more likelihood there is in having to use both of your people in attacks and this is where things get very… intense. There is a pause button in BD and you are going to need it, setting attacks according to the abilities (probably long range or magical) of your hero and the close-quarter attacks of the Death Knight.​
Whatever that is? Probably? Aren't you supposed to tell me these things?

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