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RPG Vault: Beyond Divinity is OK

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RPG Vault: Beyond Divinity is OK

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Mon 31 May 2004, 19:50:05

Tags: Beyond Divinity; Larian Studios

RPG Vault posted a review of Beyond Divinity, noting the despite the flaws, the game still offers interesting role-playing experience

It should be clear by now that Beyond Divinity is by no means a flawless product. The story isn't as strong during the first two acts, not providing the same sense of motivation and guidance as later on. There are also questions and issues with respect to graphics, balance, the interface and bugs. On the other hand we have interesting new locations and communities such as the Imp Village, Raanaar rebels, Black Ring members and the grand Citadel that manage to break away somewhat from the general mold of fantasy RPGs. Combine that with tens of hours worth of sub-quests and a pretty good narrative during the final acts, and you have an interesting role-playing experience. Despite the new features and changes such as the battlefields, the promised tactical party combat and the reworked skill system, it doesn't necessarily surpass that of the original Divine Divinity. However, anyone longing for something more depth than the hack and slash gameplay of recent action RPGs should definitely consider giving it a try.​
Divine Divinity was definitely a better game

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