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Morrowind reviewed at CanadianGamer

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Morrowind reviewed at CanadianGamer

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 21 October 2002, 00:55:37

Tags: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

The people up at CanadianGamer have sat down and reviewed Morrowind. Apparently, they liked it because it got a whopping 93% in their review. They seemed to like the character system, the graphics, and the open endedness of the game while faulting things like the load times of the game. Anyway, here's a bit of it:

And now it's arrived. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind continues the series' tradition of non-linear gameplay, and combines it with the best graphics current technology can create. These eye-popping visuals leap out at you from the moment you fire up the game. Moving around Morrowind in either a first- person or third-person view, you'll find that there has never been a world rendered in such exquisite detail. Rolling hills, jagged rock barrens, steaming swamps, and dusty grey ashlands all appear crisp and clean to the eye and have an amazing amount of variety. The water effects, especially, have to be seen to be believed. And once you've finished staring at the water, gaze up at the sky - it's just as beautiful, particularly at night, when the twin moons of Tamriel cruise slowly and silently through a cacophony of constellations and nebulae. The weather is also phenomenal, featuring a full day/night cycle, as well as rainstorms, volcanic ash clouds, and more. Small details like these may seem trivial, but they all add up to make Morrowind an immersive visual experience.

You can read the whole thing, right here.

This was spotted on ShackNews.

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