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Beyond Divinity wrap report at RPG Vault

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Beyond Divinity wrap report at RPG Vault

Development Info - posted by Vault Dweller on Sat 5 June 2004, 16:01:57

Tags: Beyond Divinity; Larian Studios

RPG Vault posted Beyond Divinity's wrap report featuring a lot of interesting info. For example, did you know that originally Beyond Divinity had turn-based combat? Aren't you glad that they've had the wisdom to replace it with that crappy "tactical" RT mode? Also, if you were wondering about dialogues, that's because of the limited word count, the best game ruining tool publishers' greed has ever created. Anyway...

Lessons Learned:
1) We learned (again) a lot about process and how to develop such a complex piece of software as an RPG with limited means. We have applied these lessons to an as of yet unannounced project, and have seen vast improvement in the development process.

2) We learned a lot about this industry and how distribution works. In that sense, we totally achieved our goal.

3) We learned a lot about accessibility. Beyond Divinity is not very accessible as a game, and that's a mistake we won't make again. I'm not talking purely about things like the interface, but also about things like people preferring bright environments over dark...​
They haven't learned much, have they?

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