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Games Extreme obliterates Spells of Gold

Games Extreme obliterates Spells of Gold

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Mon 7 June 2004, 17:22:27

Tags: Spells of Gold

Games Extreme posted an extremely negative review of Spells of Gold, a Russian RPG focused on trading, that apparently was marketed as the greatest open-ended trading game since the 1980's classic Elite, which is a very bold statement. Anyway, the reviewer used words like "one of the worst games", "trully awful", "insult to the genre", and begged readers to buy something else instead.

The game is a fantasy, isometric game involving trading and combat, many games have done this before, yet none of them have done it this poorly. The idea of the game is to travel from city to city, keeping an eye on the prices of goods so you can make cash by trading with the various shops. Outside of each town is a small area that contains enemies for you to fight, fighting is simply a matter or clicking on an enemy as fast as you can til they die. This gets boring very quickly. Most towns have a school where you can learn new skills to progress your character, early on you have access to magical skills such as healing. With combat experience your characters gain levels, which allow you to increase your base statistics, which in turn gives you access to additional weapons and armour. Towns folk will ask you to deliver letters for them, and will pay you a small amount of gold. This is where one of the big problems lies, delivering letters appears to be the only mission in the game, and you'llfind yourself travelling from town to town delivering letters and picking up new ones to deliver elsewhere. Quite soon you get forget about the trading element of the game, as you can make a lot more gold from these simple deliveries. Also combat can be completely avoided and so you can probably guess how boring the game becomes.​
Doesn't sound too good, does it? Anybody played it yet?

Spotted at: Blue's News

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