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Gaming Age talks to IPLY PR monkey

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Gaming Age talks to IPLY PR monkey

Interview - posted by Spazmo on Wed 9 June 2004, 01:09:09

Tags: Interplay

Gaming Age tracked down Interplay PR dude Damon Vergilio in his California home to get him to spill the beans on Interplay.

GA: Interplay is home to some of gaming's most beloved franchises. Considering the games announced earlier this year – based on the Descent, Fallout, Kingpin, Exalted (from the creators of Hunter) and Dark Alliance properties – are some licenses more likely to be on the trading block than others?
DV: I assume anything is on the chopping block to save the company. Herve [Herve Caen, Interplay's CEO] said he expects to announce something within the next couple days that will be enough of a boost to bring us back in. When it gets this dire, I assume everything is up for grabs.

Interesting. Stay tuned, sportsfans.
Spotted at: Blue's News

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