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Breaking news: David Gaider likes Darklands!

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Breaking news: David Gaider likes Darklands!

Community - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 17 June 2004, 21:46:29

Tags: Darklands; David Gaider

Yeah, that's what passes for news these days. Deal with it. This is a window into the dark soul of David Gaider, a man who, according to rumors, not only likes Bio games, but helped to make half of them, give or take a few.

I played Darklands and really enjoyed some aspects of it. The fame system, for instance. And while I could have used a little more actual magic, I do prefer low-magic systems in general so I appreciated the use of saints and alchemy. I did not enjoy how hard the early stages of the game were. Relentlessly, unforgiveably hard. I almost gave up on Darklands before I had a group luck out and survive long enough to get some decent equipment (killed a robber baron more or less by fluke and the fortuitous use of a glue potion, as I recall). I liked the realistic armor, and the stuff you could do in the towns (especially the taverns). I liked that most of the women looked like women and not sex kittens. I liked the map travel system (especially once you had horses... me, this is all I really need horses for in an RPG game. I don't need to see myself riding them, I just want to know that there are horses being ridden. ). I liked the deadly, turn-based combat (though sometimes it felt ridiculously easy to die). The very medieval-ish feel was also great. Incidentally, another RPG that is often overlooked that I felt was a real gem is another German one... 'Sword of Destiny', I think it's called, based on the 'Das Schwarze Auge' pen and paper system. Super, super game if a bit too nordic in feel for my taste.​
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