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Bourgeoisie English website launched

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Bourgeoisie English website launched

Game News - posted by Ausir on Sat 19 June 2004, 23:21:03

Tags: Afterfall; Intoxicate Interactive

Bourgeoisie, that next Polish indie post-nuclear cRPG, now has an <a target=_blank href=http://burzuj.nma-fallout.com/english/index.php>English website[/url] hosted by <a target=_blank href=http://wwww.nma-fallout.com>NMA[/url]. Here are some excerpts from the FAQ:

  • 8. With what Bourgeoisie can be compared?
    Some people will compare us with other games on the market, but we do not want to copy anything, we just want to get inspiration from games like Arcanum, Fallout, ToEE, chess;).


    13. Will the character be able to make a team?
    He could have a pet for sure and a slave or something like that, but a team is out!

    14. Will I be able to create my own character?
    Yes, of course. The player will have a lot of possibilities in character creation like choosing your sexual orientation ;)


    16. Will I find magic in the world of Bourgeoisie?
    If beer tastes like magic to you, then absolutely yes ;)
You can read more of it <a target=_blank href=http://burzuj.nma-fallout.com/english/faq.php>here[/url].

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