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Dungeon Lords interview at Rebell

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Dungeon Lords interview at Rebell

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Sun 20 June 2004, 23:11:31

Tags: Dungeon Lords; DW Bradley; Heuristic Park Inc.

Rebell, a German site, asked the hypemaster DW Bradley about Dungeon Lords, and was kind enough to provide the <a href=http://www.rebell.at/?site=01&cnt=show_s1&post_id=311>English translation[/url] for non-Germanic tribes.

For what kind of gamer is Dungeon Lords reaching out? Is it more for the "I am so hardcore, I finished Baldur's Gate blindfolded in less than 4 hours"-guy, or for the "Help! Diablo 2 is too complicated for me"-twit? Is it based on a pen & paper RPG?

Dungeon Lords is uniquely my own creation and is not based upon any other games, p&p rpg or otherwise. As you might imagine, during the past several decades my approach to creating leading edge RPG and my computer game design philosophy has evolved quite a bit, and Dungeon Lords is a quantum leap, the crowning achievement of a lifetime's worth of experience to create a new class of RPG that really takes you there.​
Arcade gameplay=quantum leap for RPGs? I'd say that time hasn't been kind to DW.

What are some of the outstanding features of DL?

There are many - certainly bringing real-time action to RPG that uniquely combines the skills of the player as well as their character hero at every moment of gameplay, the elimination of all point and click targeting and all interface clutter to provide a pristine and undisturbed view of all the action in beautiful full 3D, the magic system, inventory, and character hero development systems are to die for, and then we get into features like cooperative multiplayer design, up to 8 players campaigning together! Just a tremendous RPG experience...​
That certainly hasn't been done before

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