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Worthplaying recommends Golden Land

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Worthplaying recommends Golden Land

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Mon 21 June 2004, 18:47:17

Tags: Golden Land; Russobit-M

Worthplaying posted a very positive preview of Golden Land, a <s>turn-based</s> fantasy RPG that should be released in North America <s>soon</s> in October.

As for the world design, Goldenland is a big game. The developers prose between 100-120 hours of gameplay. I can easily see that as a realistic goal. I have been playing for about 22 hours now, and have only explored about a third of the world map! The quests become a bit more of the “run around talking to everyone until something pops up” sort of thing, but they are more explicit when it comes to what is actually expected of you. For example, at the outset, you are given a unique bracelet, which will allow you to pass through a magic gate. You are told where the gate is, and the second you leave your monastery it is stolen from you. You ask a burglar about it, he sends you to the local fence, who just sold it, now you have to find the new owner, etc… If you ever played an RPG you know exactly the kind of scavenger hunt style of game we are talking about. And you either really love that kind of game, or you loathe it with a passion. Personally, I’m having a hoot and a half.

Skills are handled with a system of recipes. For example, as your skill in blacksmithing increases, you can make weapons from things lying around. A simple wooden sword can be forged into a magical weapon if you have the right materials to combine. Alchemy skill will allow you to concoct potions and poisons, as well as the ability to charge staffs with magic. The higher your skills, the more stuff you can make from the weird items you take from your fallen foes.​
For some reasons I thought GL was turn-based. Worthplaying says it's not.

Edit: Apparently, it's not coming soon either. According to this <a href=http://forum1.burut.ru/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=UBB9&Number=1340&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=&fpart=1>post[/url] at the official forums, October is a tentative release date.

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