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Review of Divine Divinity at GameZone

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Review of Divine Divinity at GameZone

Review - posted by Ibbz on Tue 22 October 2002, 12:50:44

Tags: Divine Divinity

Another Review has been made for Divine Divinity, the CRPG made by Larian Studios. They gave the game 7.8/10, making many mentions of the similarities between DD and Diablo 2. Here's a piece:

This is a game that most certainly will suffer from comparisons to other games or media. The gameplay is akin to Diablo II (Blizzard) or even Revenant (Eidos) for that matter. Does it entertain? Yes. Does it intrigue? Yes. It may not be the RPG that everyone is waiting for, but it does have some nice twists and turns, and is an enjoyable outing.
Spotted at RPGDot.

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