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The Fall dev diary #5 at RPGVault

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The Fall dev diary #5 at RPGVault

Preview - posted by Spazmo on Wed 30 June 2004, 23:21:45

Tags: Carsten Strehse; Fall: Last Days of Gaia; Silver Style

RPG Vault have the fifth dev diary about The Fall - Last Days of Gaia. This one is by the Kaiser himself, Carsten Strehse.

A simple example - at some point, the player needs to have explosives in order to open a bunker. Perhaps you were lucky enough and managed to acquire such equipment earlier. Or you might run across what could be considered an accommodation broker who happens to use dynamite to 'craft' apartments into rocks since those are way more resistant against the climatic conditions than your average house. How about obtaining some explosives by helping his business and arranging a deal? You're not going to be directly pointed to the solution though.​

That's also a prime example of RPG developers hearing "non-linear quests" and missing the point. Okay, so there's eleventy billion ways of getting the dynamite--terrific. So how come I absolutely, necessarily have to get the dynamite? But I should give Carsten a bit of credit--he went through two whole pages without mentioning Fallout once.

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