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Dungeon Lords Q&A at GameZone

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Dungeon Lords Q&A at GameZone

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 7 July 2004, 18:53:10

Tags: Dungeon Lords; DW Bradley; Heuristic Park Inc.

GameZone has an interview with DW Bradley covering mostly the combat in Dungeon Lords, which I'm tired of reading about, so here's something else:

Q: Is this game a somewhat linear dungeon crawl, or will the players have several paths they can take to the end-goal?

D.W. Bradley: The tale in Dungeon Lords weaves two separate storylines that crisscross throughout the game and are ultimately connected, and is further interlaced with numerous optional side-mission quests that players may or may not discover or choose to pursue. Beyond the first town, players are free to choose which direction in the world they go, which quests they wish to undertake, and so forth, and although certain storyline events occur that give impetus and direction to the player’s ultimate goals, each player is otherwise free to explore the realm in a non-linear fashion. Dungeon Lords automatically balances and adjusts enemy encounters in relation to the level and strength of the hero’s party (whether playing in single player mode with or without recruited allies, as well as in multiplayer mode).​

So, like Lionheart?

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