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Beyond Divinity below divine says GameOver

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Beyond Divinity below divine says GameOver

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 8 July 2004, 09:00:05

Tags: Beyond Divinity

There's a review of Beyond Divinity over at GameOver, which scores the game at a low 65%. In fact, much of the theme of the thing is that the game is unpolished. Here's a part on the battlegrounds feature:

As an example, consider the battlefields. These should have been the highlight of Beyond Divinity. For each of the game’s four acts, there is a random “battlefield” (essentially just a new area) where the lay of the land is random and the quests are random. That sounds good, and it should have provided replayability for the game, but the implementation is horrific. For one thing, the creatures are almost all so much lower than your level that you either get no experience or little experience for killing them. And the quests are all but identical. There are dungeons in the battlefield, and all that changes for each quest is what you’ll find at the bottom of them. If you need to kill a creature, you’ll find one room with the creature in it. If you need to find an object, you’ll find one room with the object. And if you need to -- oh, right, killing and fetching are the only two types of quests available. Boring quests combined with boring enemies makes a boring area to explore, and I pretty much gave up on the battlefields after the second act. Fortunately, the battlefields are optional.​

I just like the use of the word horrific here.

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