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NMA Fallout Profile: Charles Deenen

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NMA Fallout Profile: Charles Deenen

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Fri 9 July 2004, 18:54:28

Tags: Fallout

NMA has added another Fallout developer profile to their collection. This time it's Charles Deenen, Fallout 1&2 Audio Director who would really like to see an action oriented Fallout.

Any last word to the Fallout fan base?

Thank you throughout all the years for buying the game. It was fantastic to see people here at the new company enjoy a game that's pretty old by now, and rave about every element. This shows how much Tim and his team cared about the game and the little nuances they put in. I always have loved user feedback, and the fallout fans have been super about it.​
Hooray for the Fallout fans!

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