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IPLY stock post FO3 sale fun

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IPLY stock post FO3 sale fun

Company News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 14 July 2004, 12:26:36

Tags: Fallout 3; Interplay

After the wake of the announcement that Bethesda has picked up the rights to develop and publish Fallout games for multiple platforms, it appears that IPLY.OB has soared to a recent high of 4 cents per share.

Here's a reaction from my person favorite long term investor, frymuchan:

must be that the shares have already consolidated with just a few people and not many people are in the know that Interplay is still fighting away. There's several longs, like me, who are hanging on to the bitter end, Titus has 70-80 million shares, Herve 9 million, leaving only between 10-20 million shares out there. I still hold around 600,000 shares. and I know several longs on this board also hold a fair amount of shares. So, it could be everyone who still has shares is sitting back and waiting, and there is not quite enough interest from buyers to pay enough for the shares to convince longs like me to sell. Don't know why no shares have traded but this is all I can come up with. I was going to sell some of my other stocks and buy in today, but I thought I'd miss my chance to buy Interplay waiting for the money to come in from the other stocks. Now it seems I could have done that and stil had time to buy on the news of the fallout sale.​

No shares being traded might be because most people who've been following the company know that it's crippled beyond repair. Games take around 18 months to make, and the company owes close to million smackers on back rent alone. That makes it hard to get new offices, which are fairly important to actually making a game. You also have to hire back all those employees to make a game. You have to pay all those fines and suits, and everything else - while you fund and make a game, too. Oh, and given the company's recent track record, it's more likely that game will be cancelled or flop than will go on to making any money.

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