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Ferrago criticizes Beyond Divinity

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Ferrago criticizes Beyond Divinity

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Mon 26 July 2004, 16:14:51

Tags: Beyond Divinity; Larian Studios

Ferrago has posted a review of Beyond Divinity giving it well-deserved 68% due to "some poor presentation, some crazy design decisions and an inability develop its gameplay".

However, it does drive home the fact that there's little to Beyond Divinity other than hacking and slashing your way through its estimated 100 hours of playtime. Whether you are hacking in the battlegrounds or slashing in the main game the realisation curtain slowly drops down until the player is left smothered under the weight of all the mindless, repetitive gameplay. There's just not enough variety, a flaw which cannot be patched up by trying to tip the entire contents of the hack'n'slash encyclopaedia onto your hard drive. Beyond Divinity really goes for the quantity over quality concept with gusto. I don't have the time to trawl through more than 20-30 hours of a game let alone 100. And the chances of me getting through 20 hours of a game this relentlessly similar are slim to none too.​
That "quantity over quality" comment summarizes the game accurately.

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