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RPGDot talks to Todd Howard

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RPGDot talks to Todd Howard

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 24 October 2002, 01:31:55

Tags: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

RPG Dot had a little chat with Morrowind's own Todd Howard about the upcoming expansion to their nifty little first person RPG. Here's a taste of the pie:

RPGDot: What would be the minimum, maximum and ideal level to start the quests from the expansion? Will it still be a challenge for those who defeated the main game, and how long would it take for a newly made character to be able to embark on this new journey?

Todd Howard: Good question. I think you need to be about level 40 to finish Tribunal. So we do cater towards the high levels. But so much of your power is determined by the items you have, that it gets hard to say. It's definitely a challenge if you defeated Morrowind, which is our goal.

I have to hand it to these guys, they did a fairly nice job with Morrowind. Now if only they'd change all the dialogue in the game to the standard dialogue tree and make the combat more interesting. That'd be the expansion I'd really like to see.

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