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Seal of Evil Q&A of Evil

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Seal of Evil Q&A of Evil

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 19 August 2004, 07:08:47

Tags: Liu Jiang; Object Software; Seal of Evil

Exitium scored us an interview with Liu Jiang of Object Software covering their upcoming Chinese setting CRPG, Seal of Evil. Here's a little on item sets and crafting:

10. In Prince of Qin, there were certain unique weapons that when used together with other items became more powerful and had more attributes, and in games like Diablo 2 and Sacred, there are set items and unique items. Does Seal of Evil have any such equipment? If so, how easy is it to find these items?

Yes, SOE retains the concept of hidden or concealed attributes on items. In other words, some items have hidden or concealed attributes which will take effect only after the carrier item has been activated.

Different from POQ, SOE also has set items. If you find a set of such equipment and equip it on yourself, you will obtain extra awarded attributes. There are two kinds of set items: one is ready-made equipment, such as Witch’s Silk Clothes, Silk Headband and Cloth Shoes (the same Five-element attribute). To obtain these kinds of set items, you should keep your eyes on what you obtain over the course of the game; the other is set items made from the same animal or beast, e.g. panther's paw, skin, bone and etc.​

Making set items from bits of the same animal sounds like a damned nifty addition to the crafting system that we saw in Prince of Qin.

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