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Seal of Evil queries at Game Chronicles

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Seal of Evil queries at Game Chronicles

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 21 August 2004, 15:19:32

Tags: Liu Jiang; Object Software; Seal of Evil

Game Chronicles has an interview with Liu Jiang about Seal of Evil. It's that Ancient China setting CRPG prequel dealie that Object Software is hard at work on. Here's a taste of the plot:

GCM: Please tell us about the plot driving Seal of Evil.

Liu Jiang:
The plot of SOE is pretty interesting. The game is set in the Warring States period in Ancient China, more than 2,000 years ago. Our designers introduced some Chinese ancient legends into this period. At that time, in southwest china, there was a minority race called Baiyue. Its leader, Lan Xiong, and Chief Sacrifice Wizard, Chi Huan, died mysteriously one after the other. Lan Xiong’s daughter, Lan Wei, believed the five legendary Empyrean Stones could make her father come back to life so she and her friends made up their mind to collect all the stones. Unexpectedly, after they suffered a lot of hardship and finally got all the stones, they discovered that the Empyrean Stones were the pieces of a magic seal that imprisoned the soul of Chi You. Chi You was the Patron God of the Baiyue people but much to the surprise of Lan Wei and her friends it turned out that Chi You was an evil God and in piecing together the Empyrean Stones they were releasing him from thousands of years of confinement. I better not reveal anymore now.​
We have a job openning for the position of Chief Sacrifice Wizard due to sudden and mysterious death circumstances. All interested applicants must have the following; Good attitude, Friendly disposition, Must work well with others, Five years practical experience with sacrifices or educational equivalent, and A Basic understanding of the principles and use of the black arts..

Spotted at: Blue's News

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