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PS:T gets in GameSpy's Hall of Fame

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PS:T gets in GameSpy's Hall of Fame

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sun 22 August 2004, 02:58:46

Tags: Planescape: Torment

GameSpy has placed Planescape: Torment in their Hall of Fame. Here's a clip:

Torment also fulfilled the promise of putting the "role" back in role-playing. The game allowed players to play through the story however they wanted. Dialogue choices reflected a wide range of possibilities ranging from nobility to base evil. Character statistics would allow you to notice things a character of lower intelligence would never see and even get extra dialogue choices if your Charisma was high enough. The beauty of the system was that, regardless of the character you played, there was always a way to get through the story. If you played the most evil character in the universe, you could still finish the game in a completely satisfying manner, although your experience would quite different from the player who had chosen the Lawful Good path.​

Huh. Anyone keeping score on that?

Thanks, Kotario of NMA!

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