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Witcher Q&A at GameBanshee

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Witcher Q&A at GameBanshee

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 25 August 2004, 06:54:59

Tags: Witcher, The

GameBanshee has an interview about The Witcher. Here's a little bit on why you can't do much in the way of spell casting:

GB: Tell us a bit about the magic system and how players will acquire spells. Are there a couple of the more powerful spells you can talk about?

Just like with character development – we prefer ‘quality’ before quantity’ - which is also true for Sapkowski’s novels, where witchers have access to a limited number of spells. There are just a few Gestures (special kind of witchers’ magic), but all of them can be used in different ways enriching gameplay – offensive, defensive or simply buffing. For instance, the Aard Sign - a strong telekinetic burst of energy – knocks enemies back, puts flames out, throws light objects into air, and destroys fragile items in vicinity. But with a little practice it can be also used for more delicate manipulations or some powerful effects – like switching buttons at distances or smashing locked doors.

Still in the world of The Witcher there are powerful magic users - friends and enemies of our hero, who can cast some powerful spells.

Switching buttons at a distance.. I smell a puzzle.

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