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Witcher, The

Witcher, The

Articles associated with this tag:

29-Apr-2009 A few words with Michal Kicinski, Co-Founder of CD Projekt
1-Dec-2007 The Witcher Review
19-Apr-2006 The Witcher interview
7-Dec-2004 The Witcher interview
7-Nov-2013 Seeing Red: The Story of CD Projekt (and how they almost went bankrupt)
12-Oct-2013 Dark Souls 2 and The Witcher Graphic Novels Announced
14-Nov-2012 Andrzej Sapkowski doesn't like computer games, hasn't played The Witcher series
16-Jul-2012 What The Witcher Taught CD Projekt about RPGs: A Gamasutra Interview
19-Jun-2012 CDP interview over at RPS, on Cyberpunk and DRM
22-Feb-2012 CD Project RED sales figures for 2011
14-Apr-2011 The Witcher 2 Preview and Gameplay Videos
22-Feb-2011 The Witcher Retrospective
28-May-2010 The Witcher Platinum Edition Released
25-May-2010 The Witcher Review
14-Apr-2010 The Witcher Outcast Canceled
11-Mar-2010 Is The Witcher Enhanced enough?
7-Mar-2010 CD Projekt RED loses Artur Ganszyniec
3-Feb-2010 The Witcher 2 News
19-Nov-2009 Witcher 2 'breakthrough RPG like Fallout 3'
2-Oct-2009 Back-door stock market listing for CD Projekt?
18-Sep-2009 Grksky polski Witcher 2 leaked video wka pikachu
15-Jul-2009 The Witcher :: Super-Mega Fucking Awesome Edition
8-Jul-2009 Update The Witcher to 1.5 - NOW!!!
3-Jun-2009 The Witcher: Enhanced Edition²
24-May-2009 The Witcher - Sure is JRPG around here
30-Apr-2009 More Witcher Gossip - Everyone blames everyone else
29-Apr-2009 The Codex interview CD Project's Michal Kicinski
28-Apr-2009 The Console Witcher is Dead, Long Live Witcher 2
14-Dec-2008 Why no gay sex in The Witcher? @ Feministing
12-Dec-2008 PC users won't be getting Witcher DLC
11-Dec-2008 All new DLC, combat and everything else in Witcher: Console
30-Nov-2008 The Witcher Scavenger Hunt - What was that all about?
18-Nov-2008 The Witcher: Enhanced project lead interview
15-Nov-2008 The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Review Round-up
2-Nov-2008 CD Projekt's Co-Founder interviewed
30-Oct-2008 The Witcher sold more than one million copies
18-Sep-2008 The Witcher is Fully Enhanced
24-Aug-2008 CD Projekt release another trailer for their Witcher patch
22-Aug-2008 Haircuts and different coloured clothing enhance The Witcher
20-Aug-2008 The Witcher sucks
19-Aug-2008 In 2008 his swords become sharper still!
11-Aug-2008 The Witcher Enhanced Edition first audio samples at GameCyte
2-Aug-2008 The Witcher is slow and the dialogue sucks
19-Jul-2008 The Witcher Enhanced: What the game was meant to be
18-Jun-2008 The Witcher Enhanced Edition - new release date
28-May-2008 The Witcher contest - Geralt for President!
23-May-2008 The Witcher editor contest
15-May-2008 The Germans get to choose Witcher voices
7-May-2008 Tom Ohle interview at Gamasutra and some other witchery stuff
5-May-2008 The Witcher Enhanced Edition and console version - new details
21-Apr-2008 Delay for shinier Witcher
10-Apr-2008 The Witcher editor, patch and premium module released
27-Mar-2008 The Witcher interview at Rock Paper Shotgun
14-Mar-2008 The Witcher: editor release moved to March 26
7-Mar-2008 The Witcher interview at GameBanshee
7-Mar-2008 The Witcher patched to 1.2a and a Vandal at CDP
22-Feb-2008 The Witcher Enhanced Edition interview at Actiontrip
20-Feb-2008 A Christian review of The Witcher
20-Feb-2008 Jerusalem Post: The Witcher reeks of perversion
19-Feb-2008 The Witcher - X360 and PS3 version leak
18-Feb-2008 The Witcher Enhanced Edition announced
14-Feb-2008 The Witcher - an announcement announced
12-Feb-2008 10 future classics according to Forbes
1-Feb-2008 Witcher Wiki easter egg hunt
23-Jan-2008 Zero Punctuation: The Escapist still hates The Witcher
20-Jan-2008 Grrl gamers love The Witcher
18-Jan-2008 AIAS Awards nominations
16-Jan-2008 GameBanshee Game of the Year Awards
16-Jan-2008 The Witcher nominated to WGA Award
15-Jan-2008 The Witcher modding forum
7-Jan-2008 CD Projekt interview at The Witcher France
20-Dec-2007 The Witcher patched to 1.2
18-Dec-2007 The Witcher dev blogs at IGN
17-Dec-2007 MSNBC's Best role-playing games of 2007
14-Dec-2007 The Witcher - fanfiction contest
14-Dec-2007 The Witcher demo in English
12-Dec-2007 The Witcher demo released
11-Dec-2007 More Witchery goodness on its way?
10-Dec-2007 The Witcher - uncut dialogues unlocked
8-Dec-2007 The Witcher seduces Sci Fi Weekly
1-Dec-2007 The Witcher reviewed right here, at the Codex
1-Dec-2007 Glorifying review of The Witcher at RPG Watch
29-Nov-2007 The Witcher 1.2 patch and demo dates
27-Nov-2007 The Escapist bitch-slaps The Witcher
22-Nov-2007 GameSpy likes The Witcher
20-Nov-2007 The Witcher Wiki
12-Nov-2007 Tomasz Bagiński spills the beans – The Witcher will return?
11-Nov-2007 The Poles are watching us
9-Nov-2007 CD Projekt's in-house interview with co-founder Michał Kiciński
7-Nov-2007 ActionTrip praises The Witcher - 91%
7-Nov-2007 The Witcher - not for hardcore RPG players
6-Nov-2007 The Witcher review at GameSpot
6-Nov-2007 New levels of stupidity discovered - a Witcher review
3-Nov-2007 Moron Daily reviews The Witcher
1-Nov-2007 Bit-Tech reviews The Witcher - 7/10
1-Nov-2007 Detailed Witcher review at Game Informer
1-Nov-2007 The Witcher review at
29-Oct-2007 Eurogamer complains about The Witcher - 7/10
6-Oct-2007 The Witcher preview, part 2
3-Oct-2007 The Witcher hands-on preview at RPG Watch
18-Jul-2007 The Witcher delayed
3-Jul-2007 Witcher impressions at GameSpot
8-Jun-2007 Wow, something good for a change! Witcher Interview
13-Apr-2007 The Witchest blog of them all
2-Mar-2007 Witcher pre-fun at IGN
5-Feb-2007 Atari signs The Witcher, coming Fall 2007
24-Jan-2007 Slovaks check in on The Witcher
10-Jan-2007 The Witcher sightings at ActionTrip
6-Sep-2006 Witcher video fun at IGN
2-Sep-2006 Atari Europe will publish The Witcher
15-May-2006 Witcher prefun at BlueAlien
12-May-2006 IGN previews The Witcher
28-Apr-2006 Some Witcher hype
25-Apr-2006 Witcher Week continues at IGN
22-Apr-2006 Witcher queries at FiringSquad
18-Apr-2006 The Witcher interview at the Codex
24-Dec-2005 Informative Witcher Q&A at RPGVault
6-Dec-2005 Witcher tit for tat at TVG
27-Nov-2005 Have a Witcher Christmas?
2-Nov-2005 The Witcher contest at some crappy site
30-Sep-2005 New Witcher video
31-Aug-2005 Redefine your desktop
26-Aug-2005 Witcher Q&A at RPG Dot
25-Aug-2005 Behind the scenes of The Witcher's sound
24-Aug-2005 Witcher lookings at RPGDot
21-Aug-2005 Witcher gazings at IGN
28-Jul-2005 Witcher Q&A at NWN Vault
25-Jul-2005 Witcher Interview Part 2 at Firing Squad
22-Jul-2005 Witcher redefining CRPG Q&A at Firing Squad
20-May-2005 Witcher chitchat also at Gamecloud
16-May-2005 Witcher Q&A at RPG Vault
8-May-2005 New Witcher trailer and some misc info
15-Mar-2005 The Witcher Peek @ RPG Vault #13
5-Mar-2005 Witcher story telling #12
19-Feb-2005 Witcher Peeked an Eleventh Time at RPGVault
15-Feb-2005 The Witcher Screenshot
29-Jan-2005 The Witcher Peek @ RPGVault
10-Jan-2005 Witcher interview at TVG
24-Dec-2004 The Witcher forum tidbits
7-Dec-2004 Witcher guys interviewed
27-Oct-2004 Witcher Peek #5 at RPGVault
23-Oct-2004 The Witcher Week rages on
21-Oct-2004 The Witcher Week has begun
20-Oct-2004 Witcher week starts tomorrow
7-Oct-2004 New Witcher Newsletter
2-Sep-2004 Witcher forums up
25-Aug-2004 Witcher Q&A at GameBanshee
31-Jul-2004 The Witcher FAQ update
23-Jul-2004 Witcher chit-chat with HomeLAN Fed
30-Jun-2004 The Witcher screenshot of the week
30-Jun-2004 Jobs at CD Projekt
22-Jun-2004 The Witcher newsletter archive
17-Jun-2004 More Witcher stuff at RPG Vault
12-Jun-2004 Witcher Q&A at RPG Vault, part II
4-Jun-2004 New Witcher interview at RPGVault
30-May-2004 Silven Previews The Witcher
29-May-2004 The Witcher site opens
26-May-2004 RPGamer Impressed by The Witcher
20-May-2004 The Witcher Site Updated
19-May-2004 Witcher Previewed at NWVault
16-May-2004 GameSpot talks Witcher
14-May-2004 New Witcher stuff
14-May-2004 Witcher gawkings at HomeLAN Fed
24-Jun-2003 The Witcher - short story in English!
2-Jun-2003 Ther Witcher site opens
1-Jun-2003 Witcher screenshots
14-May-2003 The Witcher

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