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The Witcher nominated to WGA Award

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The Witcher nominated to WGA Award

Game News - posted by Ausir on Wed 16 January 2008, 00:51:53

Tags: CD Projekt; Witcher, The

Writers Guild of America, not having much to do because of the strike, decided to kill the boredom by creating a new award for best videogame writing. Among the five nominees, the only cRPG is CD Projekt's The Witcher. The only other PC game on the list is World in Conflict and the other nominees are Crash of the Titans, Dead Head Fred and The Simpsons Game.

We are very proud to be nominated for such prestigious awards, as we understand how quickly videogames evolve and how great story writing should be exposed, especially in the RPG genre" - said Adam Kiciñski, CEO of CD Projekt Red. "The story has always been at the core of our game and we know, that it is essential for a videogame to tell a story, because it allows gamers to become immersed in the game. What is more, we have put a very strong emphasis on decisions made throughout the game as well as on their consequences, so that after finishing the game players are truly satisfied with the output.​
2008 Writers Guild Awards winners in all categories will be announced on Saturday, February 9.

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