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The Witcher - Sure is JRPG around here

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The Witcher - Sure is JRPG around here

Review - posted by baby arm on Sun 24 May 2009, 23:58:40

Tags: Witcher, The

Habitual pottymouth and occasional reviewer Andyman Messiah has lashed together a review of The Witcher: Extended Edition and posted it on the forums.
So anyway, if we now throw “dark and mature” aside, what the fuck do we have left? “Well-written”. Yes, the story is well-written. If you know how to read fucking POLISH that is! Because holy hell, the official english translation is nothing more than a declaration of war! I know I'm not really one to talk, I'm probably up to my dick in typos and grammar shit right now but even before I found out the truth about this castrated english translation I sensed that there was something incredibly wrong with it. It's obvious that it had been cut down to pieces for some reason, most likely because – drum whirl, please – the translators did a really shitty job and you don't need to look further than DarkUnderlord's Year in Review article to see examples. This is not good work! If this was the best they could do they should not even have thought about releasing the game in english-speaking countries. Unless you know polish it's entirely out of the question to have any kind of a really intelligent experience with The Witcher, and I'm only basing this on things polish people in my vicinity have told me. If I knew how to read polish I might have found out that the polish text sucks equal amounts of ass but I doubt it and I do trust the polish men and women I keep hidden in my basement.

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