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Detailed Witcher review at Game Informer

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Detailed Witcher review at Game Informer

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 1 November 2007, 14:48:59

Tags: CD Projekt; Witcher, The

Game Informer has posted a very detailed - I counted at least 4 paragraphs - review of The Witcher. The score is 8/10.

The Witcher’s traditional structure is a bit of a weak spot, but it falters more in its overwrought attempts to convince you that you’re in an unconventional fantasy world. You are supposed to feel that Geralt is burdened with decisions that are morally ambiguous, like whether to defend his employer’s medicine crates or let elves take them to treat their ill. It’s nice to get away from the standard good versus evil mechanic, but The Witcher’s method often forces you to select the lesser of two evils; it feels like nothing you choose matters since you can’t effect any kind of desirable outcome. Players should be rewarded in some way for their choices, not given a lesson on the inevitability of failure.​
Can someone clarify what this gentleman is talking about?

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