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Haircuts and different coloured clothing enhance The Witcher

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Haircuts and different coloured clothing enhance The Witcher

Preview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Fri 22 August 2008, 11:03:00

Tags: Witcher, The

IGN had a look at The Witcher's: Enhanced Edition over at the Leipzig Games Convention. Here's what they noticed:
There's a long list of features being added to the title, but the one we noticed most were the improved load times, which were definitely shorter than the original release's. CD Projekt RED has also taken steps to add to the sense of variety in the game by making monsters and village-dwelling NPCs seem more varied. From the demo we got it seems as though townspeople, though they'll still share the same model, will wear different colored clothing and have a variety of haircuts. The same type of color variation has been applied to monsters as well.

Multi-coloured peasants will really enhance the town experience. They also talk about auto-loot, the ability to mix and match over nine different audio and subtitle tracks and mention that save games are fully compatible.

Thanks Kthan75!

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