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The Witcher Enhanced Edition first audio samples at GameCyte

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The Witcher Enhanced Edition first audio samples at GameCyte

Interview - posted by Elwro on Mon 11 August 2008, 16:03:55

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A site called GameCyte has an interview with Maciej Szczesnik (project lead on The Witcher) and Tom Ohle (CD Projekt RED VP of PR and Marketing) concerning the Enhanced Edition of the game.

GameCyte: How is the Enhanced Edition being funded?

MS: We sold our cars, and houses, and had a little whip-round. Unfortunately I also had to sell one of my kidneys. What can I say… life is hard. Of course the truth is different. Together with our very supportive publishing partners, we have been able to fund the title rather easily. Our fans’ opinions are most important for us. I know it’s not popular business thinking, but this is what we think is really important.

GameCyte: Why spend more money to improve a title that is ostensibly already complete?

TO: As gamers, we thought about the situation and the response was obvious. The team has always stated that The Witcher was to be used as a way to introduce the brand to a global audience; this wasn’t some one-off game that we’d use to make some quick cash to fund our real passion for Barbie-doll dress-em-ups. We want people to remember The Witcher, and we want them to like us as a company.

GameCyte: What challenges or obstacles were involved in reworking the game?

MS: The most challenging thing during the process was the re-recording of all German voice-work and lots of English voices. It was hard because of tight deadlines. But Arek Trojanowski, our producer, managed to find a new, very good studio, and we did everything on time. The new voice-overs really fit well.​
It's not just an interview, there are also screens and 2 newly recorded audio samples.

“Let’s go to the Circle of Elements…”


“Quick, to the Laboratory!”


Read the whole thing here.

Thanks, Tom!

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