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CD Projekt interview at The Witcher France

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CD Projekt interview at The Witcher France

Interview - posted by Ausir on Mon 7 January 2008, 22:47:36

Tags: CD Projekt; Witcher, The

The Witcher France, a French The Witcher fansite, has interviewed CD Projekt about Atari, multiplayer, MMO and console plans, as well as the Djinni toolset.

3. Do you plan to implement a multiplayer option, like in some other RPGs, or a co-operative mode? If this is not the case, we’d like to know what are the problems or difficulties which prevent you from doing it.

Right now implementation of any form of multiplayer mode is not taken under consideration. Multiplayer games require a slightly different approach, not mentioning the technical changes that would have to be done to our engine. It is hard to imagine a world populated by "Geralts" or even by a large number of witchers, who are relicts of the past and almost an extinct profession. On the other hand implementing something like Diablo II or Neverwinter Night, where a player can choose from various races and professions is nearly impossible in The Witcher's world - it just doesn't fit. On the other hand we are aware that interacting with other players is very important and fun. In my opinion the best way to allow that is to implement some kind of co-operative mode (like in Gears of War for example), but this is a question for the future.

You can read more (in both French and English) here.
Spotted at: The Witcher France

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