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Witcher Q&A at NWN Vault

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Witcher Q&A at NWN Vault

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 28 July 2005, 20:03:29

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NWN Vault has posted a <a href=http://nwvault.ign.com/View.php?view=Interviews.Detail&id=213>community interview[/url] with CDProject about The Witcher aka RPG Redefined

1) Will there be such thing as hero's fatigue? How it will be realized? - Ksandr Warfire
The character's fatigue is realized in the game via Hit Points. Each complicated or powerful hit as well as sign casting causes the decrease of hit points. Whenever the number of HP is lower than the cost of a certain hit, the protagonist will only be restricted to using the basic attacks. The same applies to signs, when the number of HP is lower than the cost of a sign, the player will not be able to cast it. The Hit Points will regenerate in a few ways. They will slowly regenerate themselves at all times, though, when not in the fight, the player will be able to meditate, thus accelerating the regeneration process. During the fights the player will have to use special elixirs in order to replenish the HP's or accelerate the regeneration. In the novels Geralt would very often use various elixirs and we'd like to emphasize this fact in the game's mechanics. The elixirs will of course not only serve as a means of the character's rejuvenation, but they will be an inseparable element of the gameplay and the combat tactics.​
Drinking <s>potions</s>, err, elixirs is an important element that shouldn't be ignored when one attempts to redefine RPGs. I'm glad they got this one right!

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