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The Escapist bitch-slaps The Witcher

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The Escapist bitch-slaps The Witcher

Review - posted by Calis on Tue 27 November 2007, 11:27:19

Tags: Witcher, The

We've heard it before - lack of engine polish, crappy writing and voice acting and a flawed combat interface. This time, The Escapist brings us a review. The opening paragraph gives a hint as to just how annoyed the reviewer got with this game:
At the heart of The Witcher's design lies a rich and compelling roleplaying experience. Unfortunately, the rest of the game serves mostly to obscure this fact. As a storyteller with nearly 20 years of tabletop roleplaying experience, I tend to take my computer RPGs with more than a few grains of salt. I stuck with Gothic, despite its awkward control system and uneven vocal performances. I grimaced through Ultima VII's tongue-in-cheek, Olde English dialog. I spent countless hours wandering the wastelands in Fallout, despite my antipathy for turn-based combat. I even slogged through all of Neverwinter Nights and its follow up modules - more than once. Still, after spending well over 10 hours with The Witcher, I can't see myself returning to it.

Though I haven't played the game, the review does seem rather light on analysing choice & consequence effects in the game and the reactions on the Escapist forum suggest that the reviewer's awkward experience in combat may have been, in part, his own dumb fault for picking the wrong camera mode. As he quit playing after 10 hours, it's likely that he simply didn't get far enough to get to the good stuff.
He's also giving away a copy of the game on his blog, so if you're in the US and would like to score a free copy, head over there.
Thanks, PlanHex

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