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Grksky polski Witcher 2 leaked video wka pikachu

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Grksky polski Witcher 2 leaked video wka pikachu

Development Info - posted by DarkUnderlord on Fri 18 September 2009, 11:38:10

Tags: CD Projekt; Witcher, The

I direct your attention over here for the Witcher 2 internal use only presentation video:

Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
Lots of video of dudes working on PCs at CD Projekkkt
AAA RPG. Original Witcher has over 100 awards, sold 1.2 Million units as PC only.
Features you remember long time!
Incredible graphics first thing you notice. Full advanatge of normal and parallax mapping.
Dragon cool isn't it?
Day / Night cycles, new engine, dynamic shadows has allowed them to produce some of the most realistic environments ever in the history of RPGs. [I shit you not, that's what he actually said].
New dialogue system with dynamic camera which places players smack in the middle of an interactive movie where they deter-mon how e-vens unfold. Really fugly whore on-screen at this point.
Really shity voice-over acting, sounds pretty place-holder though.
Done away with world where Geralt's actions had no effect on other characters.
Gareth's behaviour will now prompt other characters reactions - Geralt then knocks some shit over in front of everyone and everyone basically stands around saying "Who the fuck did that?".
NPCs have daily routines that can fuck Geralt up. They also do push-ups.
Combat system of finishing moves well-known from the first Witcher will be re-vamped making combat even more dynamic, spectacular and bloody, giving players exactly what they want best.
Havok fissiks.
QuickTime Events will be yet another innovation. This technology will take Geralt's confrontation with bosses to another level. Mainly the elevator straight to shit-hell.
This will make boss fights all the more crap-tastic, boring and forgetful [I may have got that bit wrong. Accents and all].
Woosh-woosh swish-oosh.​
QuickTime Events for the fail. They were going pretty well up until that point.

Thanks polish dudes!

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