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Witcher Previewed at NWVault

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Witcher Previewed at NWVault

Preview - posted by Exitium on Wed 19 May 2004, 00:49:27

Tags: CD Projekt; Witcher, The

Upcoming Polish action game of roles, The Witcher, has been previewed at the Neverwinter Vault with some good impressions.

The gameplay is totally different from NWN, and features real time combat with motion captured animations performed by a master of medieval sword combat. There is also ragdoll and rigid body physics, which allow for pushing of barrels for example. All actions in the game can be done with only a mouse though you can configure keyboard shortcuts if you want. Basically you setup different combinations of offensive and defensive moves and spells, which depending on how well you execute them during combat, will determine how much experience you get. There is additional feedback during combat to guide you on how well you're doing by telling you such things as you're going "too fast" or "too slow".​

That sounds rather interesting, especially in a market full of especially uninteractive 'action' RPGs. To pose a serious point I would have to say that the implementation of the combat system will either make, or break the game. I'd certainly love to play a game with this level of interactivity, but one can only hope that the user interface does not prohibit smooth gameplay.

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