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GameSpy likes The Witcher

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GameSpy likes The Witcher

None - posted by Elwro on Thu 22 November 2007, 23:40:12

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Another positive opinion (and the Editors' Choice) of the game from a mainstream site. One of the first things mentioned in the review is the lack of a monthly fee; I guess many gamers subconsciously add the "MMO" prefix whenever they hear about an "RPG". While noting some downfalls (like loading times and recurrent NPC models), the review recommends the game because "its refreshing setting, engaging combat and potion system, and long, well-conceived campaign is a recipe for single-player greatness", devoting a paragraph to the now well-known system of choices and delayed consequences. Here's what it says about the inventory:

(...) the design of the game isn't about collecting cool loot and selling off oodles of junk at the marketplace. Geralt can only carry a few weapons so trying to horde every dagger you find off a dead bandit simply isn't practical. Geralt is who he is and you won't be able to deck him out with a +2 Shield of Awesomeness or silly-looking helmets that cover up his face. He has his Witcher tools and while there are various goodies to be found along the way, this is not about gathering junk -- it's about the story.
I agree that the lack of ph4t l3wt is a great decision, but the microscopic inventory icons should be more readable. Anyway, I was a bit astonished by this comment about the graphics:

Witcher's visuals are solid; they're hardly spectacular, but serviceable.
Now, I'm no FPS junkie but I think I have never seen a game as pretty as this one. I guess mentioning that the game was loosely based on the Aurora Engine was a mistake on CDProjekt Red's part. Even if not all reviewers make a reference to this fact, the false idea that the game has to be visually inferior to the completely modern titles must have stuck with them. That's a conjecture, of course.

Read the whole thing here.

Thanks, Herbert West!

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