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The Witcher: Enhanced project lead interview

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The Witcher: Enhanced project lead interview

Interview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Tue 18 November 2008, 04:55:52

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GamingNexus have interviewed Maciej Szcześnik, Project Lead during the development of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition:
Is CD Projekt planning on specializing in RPGs or are cross-genre games or even titles from a completely different genre possibilities?
At the moment we plan to stay with RPGs, but we aren’t shutting out different genres. As designers, programmers and artists, we play all kinds of games. Most probably we will try different genres, as well, but first we want to establish ourselves as a top RPG developer.

Do you have any kind of statistics on how many owners of The Witcher have upgraded to the enhanced patch? How are you getting the word out to existing owners?
We don’t have any official stats yet, but there were about 30,000 downloads during the first weekend. We get the word out to our existing users via newsletters and different game oriented websites; hopefully that will reach most of the players who purchased the original.

Even if a player purchased the original game in 2007, there's a lot of incentive to purchase a copy of The Witcher Enhanced for all the extras included in the bundle. How many others like myself do you estimate have gone for that option?
We don’t know that yet. We are still waiting for initial sales. All we know now is that lots of people – whether first-time players or existing customers – have purchased The Witcher: Enhanced Edition at retail and online. In Poland it is on the top of the bestsellers’ lists in malls.

What of all the changes made to The Witcher Enhanced is the most important or satisfying to you personally?
I have three :). Loading times, new inventory screen and multilingual edition. I can finally play with English voices and Polish subtitles. Then I will play with Russian voices and Polish subtitles :).

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