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The Witcher Enhanced Edition interview at Actiontrip

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The Witcher Enhanced Edition interview at Actiontrip

Game News - posted by Ausir on Fri 22 February 2008, 23:11:06

Tags: CD Projekt; Michal Madej; Witcher, The

ActionTrip gives us an interview with Michal Madej, lead designer of CD Projekt's The Witcher about the upcoming Pimped-Up Edition of the game.

AT: Does the new content feature any main story tie-ins? Also, will players be able to find out more about Geralt's backdrop?

MM: We don't want to change the main story, but instead add some more background for Geralt's past. So, the Enhanced Version will include two completely new adventures, featuring over 10 hour of new gameplay. Those additional adventures will take part in Geralt's past and will be fully voice-overed in English, German, Russian and of course Polish.

AT: It's good to hear that current owners of The Witcher will be able to get all the extra content via a downloadable update. However, you mentioned that the update also contains patches released so far. Can you tell us roughly how large an update can we expect (500MB, 1GB...)?

MM: Yeah, all additional features and adventures will be available for free; for all registered users. I can't tell right now how big it will be, but considering such a huge amount of changers like new models, dialogs, voice-overs, etc. it will be probably compared to full The Witcher game (i.e. a few GB).​
Interestingly, this interview mentions over 10 hours of new gameplay, while the EE fact sheet mentions only 5 (3+2). You can read the rest of the interview here.

Cheers, Ure Paul!

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