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The Console Witcher is Dead, Long Live Witcher 2

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The Console Witcher is Dead, Long Live Witcher 2

None - posted by baby arm on Tue 28 April 2009, 22:46:06

Tags: CD Projekt; Witcher, The

Citing unnamed (and possibly imaginary/drunk/high on Robitussin) inside sources, GameBanshee is claiming that the rumors of The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf being cancelled are true, but a cross-platform The Witcher 2 is in the works.
GameBanshee has learned from an inside industry contact that The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf has indeed been cancelled.

Details are sketchy, but the following facts have been confirmed: after the release of The Witcher, CD Projekt Red took the financial obligation of starting 3 projects simultaneously, a console port of The Witcher, and two more titles based on The Witcher intellectual property, one of which was The Witcher 2.

As the financial crisis hit, the studio was affected as well, finding itself incapable of managing all three projects and forced to lay off a significant portion of its staff. The third Witcher IP project was cancelled, and its entire crew was let go or left of their own volition. A second round of layoffs followed as The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf was cancelled, including around two dozen people losing their jobs yesterday.

All funds and manpower have been redirected to a single project, The Witcher 2, which will be a multi-platform title for PC and consoles.

Spotted at: Kharn

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