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All new DLC, combat and everything else in Witcher: Console

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All new DLC, combat and everything else in Witcher: Console

Game News - posted by DarkUnderlord on Thu 11 December 2008, 03:33:59

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Here's some great news for all you Witcher fans who've already bought and played the game:
Some of you may be wondering how, exactly, Rise of the White Wolf already has such an excellent collection of screenshots and a CG trailer to its name. The answer is simply that the game, slated for Fall 2009, has already been in development for ten months. Put another way, Rise of the White Wolf has been in the works since back when the spectacular PC Enhanced Edition was announced, and the projects may have occurred in tandem.

"we’re not just slapping together a port and are actually making a game built from the ground up to be an amazing console RPG."

We’ve completely redesigned the combat system to be more in-line with players’ expectations on consoles. We’ve gone back and motion-captured a lot more combat animations for the new combat actions, like parries, counter-attacks, enhanced evasion, special attacks, etc. We’re also enhancing the enemy AI to make them more aggressive and perform a wide range of offensive and defensive actions to make the combat a bit more action-oriented.

We wanted to meet console users’ expectations, so we’re giving them full control of Geralt during combat. They’ll determine how and when Geralt parries enemy blows, ripostes, evades them, makes lunging attacks, and which foes he attacks. In general, combat will be more dynamic and will give players more potential for combat mastery through practice.

When asked whether the world design and quests from The Witcher will stay the same, Styliński replied “Not entirely,” and proceeded to tell that the game will include “a new interface, redesigned boss battles, new music, a smattering of new models, and a redesigned character development system.”

“And that hardly exhausts the list of new features,” he hastily added, watching our sword lazily inch towards his neck.

I'm sure CD Projekt would now like to thank all those suckers who bought the inferior PC version. It's your own fault though as you clearly just weren't deserving enough and didn't have the kind of "expectations" console users do.

If you want more, you can watch a video interview over on GameSpot where they talk about how they kept all the great stuff from the original game (story) and re-built everything else.

Thanks Santander!

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