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The Witcher Scavenger Hunt - What was that all about?

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The Witcher Scavenger Hunt - What was that all about?

Game News - posted by DarkUnderlord on Sun 30 November 2008, 02:19:39

Tags: Witcher, The

There's one of those internet scavenger hunts up at The Witcher. If you figure out the clues you see some flash animation or something. Apparently it was all about this, according to ve3d:
CD Projekt's teasing a new announcement, but in true Internet fashion, the surprise has been ruined by a leak. In this particular case, the leak is a trailer detailing The Witcher: Rise of the Wolf, a console version of the best-selling PC action RPG.

Running on an all-new engine, Rise of the Wolf will include re-engineered assets, Sixaxis support, and a raft of other bonus goodies to satiate console gamers.

That's right, consolites get an all-new engine and even more bonus goodies for their Enhanced² Edition. You can watch the trailer at ve3d or game trailers.

Posted on the assumption that one day, PC gamers may get to see this even more Enhanced Edition. If they're lucky.

Thanks pkt-zer0 and Bloodlust!

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