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The Witcher interview at the Codex

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The Witcher interview at the Codex

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Tue 18 April 2006, 14:52:42

Tags: CD Projekt; Witcher, The

Joanna Kobylecka, the CD Projekt's PR lady, has answered a few questions about The Witcher for your amusement:

1. Let's talk about that "RPG Redefined" thing. What's it all about and why do you think that the genre should be redefined? Most importantly, why do you believe that your attempts to redefine it would actually improve the genre?

The best way to clarify this statement is to say that we don’t feel we are redefining the computer role-playing game genre, but changing the way that one achieves an overall role-playing experience. First, you had pen and paper games. At the heart of this was a great story, playing a role, and exploring a fantasy world through imagination. Then when computers arrived the experience simply transferred to a new medium, but instead of dice determining the next outcome you had the computer doing the computations. Then, with the advancements in computer technology we saw these worlds come alive with visual depth and amazing technology, but the focus on using numbers for advancement still remained. Our goal is to focus on delivering a great story within a rich fantasy world, taking on the role of this mysterious monster slayer, and introducing combat yet to be seen in PC RPGs. This is what we feel is the modern version of achieving a role-playing experience at the heart of what pen and paper RPGs did, but without the focus on numbers.​

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