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Witcher tit for tat at TVG

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Witcher tit for tat at TVG

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 6 December 2005, 18:43:26

Tags: Witcher, The

There's an interview about The Witcher over at Total Video Games. It's a five page monster, though there's only three or so questions per page. Here's part of the fun:
What do you see as the game’s main qualities and the type of gamer who will be intersted by what The Witcher has to offer?

Michal Madej:
The best thing about The Witcher is its completely fresh approach to the genre. Any RPG fan will find all the elements that they look for in an RPG in The Witcher – but each one will be treated in a slightly different and interesting way. The most important elements here are: the intriguing storyline, the exciting combat and the unique idea of the main character. Of course ideas alone, even the best ones, are not everything – implementation of these ideas is also important, which in The Witcher is also something that is at a very high level.

You know, I think this game has huge potential after watching those quest videos. Having said that, they need to smack their hype guy for saying something silly like the underlined portion there.

Spotted at: Blue's News

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