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IGN previews The Witcher

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IGN previews The Witcher

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Fri 12 May 2006, 15:08:10

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IGN has posted a short, but interesting preview of The Witcher:

The focus of the presentation was actually three-pronged: combat, role-playing, and visuals.​
The fact that the role-playing was on the list is very promising.

After a guided tour through a fight with some bandits, the Witcher captured of the enemies and took him back to a remote castle that his fellow witchers call home. Here begins the first of many ambiguous moral choices that our protagonist must make; does he set the prisoner free, on the condition that his captive gives him information (at the risk of the prisoner revealing where the castle is)? Or does he give the prisoner a truth serum that will drive him mad? The Witcher can also torture the information out his prisoner, or kill him outright.

What makes this situation different from the norm is that each choice has consequences that might not appear until many hours further into the game. Go one way, and one companion lives while another dies. Go another way, and their ends are swapped. And the death of one of them has a consequence of its own. And whichever way the Witcher decides to treat the prisoner, he must do it himself. The CD Projekt team is big on personal responsibility and direct interaction with the story.​
Sweet. It does get better and better.

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