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The Witcher Week has begun

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The Witcher Week has begun

Game News - posted by Ausir on Thu 21 October 2004, 23:20:08

Tags: CD Projekt; Piotr Panasewicz; Witcher, The

Piotr "Fallen Zen" Panasewicz" of CDProjekt asked me to post this bit about The Witcher Week:

    Authors of the Witcher have prepared numerous attractions. Today is the first day of The Witcher Week devoted exclusively this promising title. For next seven days new materials concerning The Witcher will be published at Among them - two brand new videos, many conceptual arts and screenshots. Moreover, the website itself will have some sections added.

    Here is what the authors are planning for the first day:

    - The latest main concept art presenting final appearance of the main character
    - A visit at one of the darkest 'dives' in the game
    - 3 brand new conceptual arts
    - A new wallpaper
    - Introduction of an entirely new section - The Witcheropedia.
    - A start of the Czech version of our website

    And if you really felt like it was not enough, there's always opportunity to visit the officially-reopen discussion board.

    The Witcher is an RPG game combining dynamic action with a deep and intriguing storyline. The game uses highly modified BioWare Aurora(TM) Engine.
As for the appearance of the main character, it turned out that the character model was just a model of an NPC witcher used as a placeholder. The actual player character will look like this.

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