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The Witcher is Fully Enhanced

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The Witcher is Fully Enhanced

Game News - posted by baby arm on Thu 18 September 2008, 08:47:31

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The Witcher: Enhanced Edition has shipped out to stores in North America and is now ready for downloading on Steam and Impulse.
Technical enhancements include faster loading times with improved combat responsiveness and precision. The enhanced version will feature two new adventures in the world of The Witcher offering hours of new content, as well as more than 200 new animation sequences, greater NPC (non-playable character) variety, an easier-to-use inventory and much more. Moreover, following feedback from fans, the English script has been re-worked, while extensive amounts of the voice-over has been re-recorded for the English and German versions -- all to deliver an even more immersive and involving story experience. All of the enhancements will be available as a free download to existing game owners via the game’s official website,

Eurogamer didn't waste any time getting their review up, scoring it 8/10. Here's a bit about the new adventures:
The most interesting element for Witcher veterans are the two new missions. The Price of Neutrality is set in a new location near the Witcher's castle, and is - as the title suggests - set around one of those hard decisions the game tends to throw at you. Where it differs is, due to its closed structure, is that the fallout from the call is thrown at you, so you know how it all turns out.

The second mission isn't as emotional, but perhaps a little more replayable - it's the simple task of trying to gain 2000 gold in a city to pay off a friend's debts. While constrained and re-using locations from the original game, it's actually a neat slice of the Witcher's world with some open-ended adventuring and coin-gaining - I played to completion without actually using some of the options for getting cash. They also show the potential in the game's toolkit to make further adventures in the game world, even if you have a limited lead - though it's likely to be a long time before the community realises something of a similar quality.

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