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Witcher redefining CRPG Q&A at Firing Squad

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Witcher redefining CRPG Q&A at Firing Squad

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 22 July 2005, 22:23:13

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Firing Squad has posted up a three page interview with CD Projekt about their upcoming action CRPG, The Witcher, based on the books written by some Polish dude. Here's a bit about how they're redefining the genre with their action CRPG:

We are trying to approach the idea of equipment and inventory in a way, that has not yet been seen in cRPGs. First and foremost, we decided that even a near superhuman character should not be able to carry 5 full-plated armors ;). That’s why the idea of equipping is unlike all you’ve ever seen. We have 5 main "slots" for the weapons (they can be sheathed or strapped to our belt). We can also change our garments, yet all the items we find can only by stored in a belt-sack. So, as you can see, our "collectorship" should only be aimed at the most precious items and elixir ingredients – so important for the Witcher. It is because of them, that the Witcher will be able to achieve supernatural strength and agility. As far as elixirs go, we’ll have a reasonable amount of freedom when mixing them together.​
I'm pretty sure this has been done before. It's just that it doesn't go over well.

Spotted at: Shack News

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