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PC users won't be getting Witcher DLC

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PC users won't be getting Witcher DLC

Interview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Fri 12 December 2008, 01:54:52

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GameBanshee have an interview with CD Projekt's Tom Ohle and Mateusz Kanik about The Witcher: Super Enhanced Console Edition. Here are some quotes because I love to rub it in:
We’d always wanted to bring The Witcher to consoles, but only if we could make sure it was really good and could stand up to the best RPGs on those platforms.

Combat in the console version will be more immersive, arcade-like and faster due to the greater responsiveness of the controls and a truly rich blend of controllable actions, moves and blows. This change toward arcade visuals in no way means we're abandoning the RPG mechanics, and character development will remain essential. In general, however, players' manual abilities will more strongly affect the outcome of fights.

Many of the models and much of the vegetation will be rebuilt from scratch to improve the quality of visuals on the consoles. Console systems differ greatly from PC systems and we've been forced to approach game assets differently. Added to that, we revamped the combat system almost entirely and so had to record a vast number of new mo-cap animations to reflect the more direct control in combat.

In addition to having enhanced AI, opponents (as well as Geralt, as I stated above) will be able to use many more combinations of movements, actions and blows during combat. They'll make lunging attacks at Geralt, evade his blows, parry them and even riposte. Especially at higher difficulty levels, combat will require players to show tactical wit, using the entire range of available combat elements.

Yes, that's certain – DLC will be available for both Xbox 360 and PS3, although we're not revealing what that content will be. We’re not currently planning to bring the DLC to the PC game… as with all of the changes we’re making to the console games, they’re being built with the new engine in mind. To move that content back to the PC-game engine would take a ton of work and would probably have a big impact on the future titles we have in development.

I don’t think it’s fair to say that we’ll start focusing on console development. Granted, the companies you mentioned could have made this same claim, but we got our start on the PC and we’re still fully committed to the platform.

Apparently they love PCs and are fully committed to them... Just not enough to give you the better version of the game with its improved quality visuals, "more immersive" combat, enhanced AI, more and better animations, new content...

They leave promising to love PCs even more though by saying "there's a good chance that one or both of those [other projects] will help to quell PC gamers’ fears".

Thanks Brother None!

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