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Witcher Q&A at RPG Vault

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Witcher Q&A at RPG Vault

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Mon 16 May 2005, 20:23:17

Tags: CD Projekt; Witcher, The

RPG Vault has posted an interview with Michal Kicinski from CD Project about The Witcher, a game of HAWT AKSHUN and pretty visuals.

How would you describe The Witcher's gameplay? Which of the two does it resemble more, a classic PC RPG or an action game?

It has always been our primary goal to create a new quality of PC RPG gaming - an amalgam of epic storyline and complex character development system joined with spectacular fight sequences. We humbly believe that we're on a best track to achieving this goal.

What The Witcher does is engage the gamers in the plot - a mindless click-fest is never the best way to achieve anything. Secondly, we're devoting lots of time to the implementation of an interesting character development system and tactics. We've introduced six varied styles of combat into our game - each of them comprising several hits and strikes - based on speed, power and multiple-enemy styles, both for the steel sword used against humans and the silver one for monsters. Each of the hits is characterized by different qualities, which can be further enhanced by means of joining together and magic. What's more, our hero will be able to behead the stunned opponents, set them on fire, perform a coup de grace, and injure them in virtually every possible way.​
What's with people trying to create new qualities of RPG or something similarly stupid? That's the first sign that the game will most likely suck ass.

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