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Update The Witcher to 1.5 - NOW!!!

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Update The Witcher to 1.5 - NOW!!!

Game News - posted by Monolith on Wed 8 July 2009, 23:04:44

Tags: CD Projekt; Witcher, The

The 1.5 patch for The Witcher is available (multi-language version - Polish, English, German, French).

Here's what the official Witcher site has to say about it:

We are happy to inform that latest patch version for The Witcher is now available to download!

Here are the features of patch 1.5:

- copy securities (DRM) are removed
- playing the game no longer requires the game disc in the drive
- patch solves problems with EAX and blurred graphics

- 5 bonus adventures made by the Witcher community: ‘Deceits’, ‘Blight of the Bogs’, ‘Wraiths of Quiet Hamlet’, ‘The Wedding’, ‘Merry Witchmas’.

In order to install patch 1.5 correctly, original Witcher game upgraded to 1.4 (i.e. The Witcher: Enhanced Edition) should be installed.

You might also want to download the new game-difficulty modification, "Flash Mod", prepared by our community member Andrzej "Flash" Kwiatkowski. Now surivivng in the world of The Witcher will be much more challenging than ever before!​
Now let's get the bitching started.

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