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Update The Witcher to 1.5 - NOW!!!

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Update The Witcher to 1.5 - NOW!!!

Game News - posted by Monolith on Wed 8 July 2009, 23:04:44

Tags: CD Projekt; Witcher, The

The 1.5 patch for The Witcher is available (multi-language version - Polish, English, German, French).

Here's what the official Witcher site has to say about it:
We are happy to inform that latest patch version for The Witcher is now available to download!

Here are the features of patch 1.5:

- copy securities (DRM) are removed
- playing the game no longer requires the game disc in the drive
- patch solves problems with EAX and blurred graphics

- 5 bonus adventures made by the Witcher community: ‘Deceits’, ‘Blight of the Bogs’, ‘Wraiths of Quiet Hamlet’, ‘The Wedding’, ‘Merry Witchmas’.

In order to install patch 1.5 correctly, original Witcher game upgraded to 1.4 (i.e. The Witcher: Enhanced Edition) should be installed.

You might also want to download the new game-difficulty modification, "Flash Mod", prepared by our community member Andrzej "Flash" Kwiatkowski. Now surivivng in the world of The Witcher will be much more challenging than ever before!

Now let's get the bitching started.

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