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The Poles are watching us

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The Poles are watching us

Game News - posted by Monolith on Sun 11 November 2007, 20:37:42

Tags: CD Projekt; Witcher, The

CD Projekt has put quotes of members of the Codex and other RPG boards who were positive about The Witcher proudly on display.

"The game is looking great so far. I think we have a winner here. Defenitely worthy of an extensive review by the RPGCodex." (Gwendo/RPG Codex)

"Just finished it and I must say that I feel this is one of those truly enjoyable RPGs I'll be replaying once a year together with Fallout and a few others. The story and the choices held up great, all the way to the end." (Vrok/RPG Codex)

"It's hard to know what to say except for The Witcher its greater than the sum of its parts maybe. Very well rounded RPG. Imo this is looking like game of the year personally, and definately the best RPG experience I've had for ages" (Solaris/RPG Codex)

"If anybody is still undecided, just BUY THE DAMN GAME ALREADY. Don't bloody warez it either. This is the best RPG since Troika left us." (Oarfish/RPG Codex)

"OMG! Could it be the second "game so good even the Codex likes it" in a row?" (Elwro/RPG Codex)

"This game has some of the best RPG game mechanics I've seen since Fallout and UW1, and if you get the chance to check it out I think you will like it." (Darkflame/RPG Codex)

"I LOVE this game. I'm having more fun with it than MOTB, which I also really enjoyed. I think the closest comparison is to Gothic I, but I like it a hell of a lot better." (Cardtrick/RPG Codex)

"Overall it's one of the most fun to play games I've seen in ages. It has me absolutely hooked, and it's big. After two weeks (and one restart) I'm only at the start of chapter 3." (Trash/RPG Codex)​
I'm just so glad none of you used l33t speak. :salute:

Spotted at: RPG Watch (again)

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